Client Recruitment Services

Contingency Search

The contingency approach is a very well used service that Chronos Oil and Gas provide.  With Contingency Search you get access to our huge recruitment network with no upfront fees or commitment, our fees are paid on successful placement based on a % of a candidates annual salary / package.

Retained Search

The retained search is a popular service with our clients.  This search allows maximum communication between account manager and client to ensure a successful placement.  The retained search is broken down into 3 manageable time bound processes.  The first process is the signed agreement between Chronos and the client to map out the recruitment process.  The second is the delivery of the shortlist to the client and the final process is the successful placement of the candidate into the desired role.  Retained search is often used for Executive level placements or senior roles where a fuller understanding of your business is required. With Retained search our Fees are paid in line with the recruitment process typically, Engagement, Shortlist, Interview and Placement. This model allows costs to be spread and ensures your positions have the highest level of priority.


Where clients require contractor’s Chronos can facilitate this in two different ways. The first is where we look after the contracts and payroll and bill the client each month based on contractor’s timesheets with our mark up. The second option is where the client takes the contractor on directly and we just bill our fee each month. 


Chronos can offer staff on a sub contract basis, this suits clients with large projects where there may be a need to down man quickly or where you would rather outsource the HR function and let us look after your staff’s day to day needs. Sub Contract can be useful for seasoned work such as shut downs or for projects where a high turnover of staff is expected.